Sunday, May 8, 2016

John's Signature

Picking up the story of my 4th-great-grandfather John Armstrong, I was able to find a document with his signature in the probate file of his father (my 5th-great-grandfather) Thomas Armstrong.
Source: FamilySearch, Ohio probate files, Hocking County, Ohio.
John's older brother William Armstrong served as the executor for both his father's estate and his mother's. The probate files have been scanned and are available on FamilySearch, providing a wealth of information about the estates of Thomas and Margaret Patton Armstrong. I will spend some time describing the contents later in the month, after returning from another business trip.
Source: FamilySearch, probate file of Margaret Patton Armstrong.
John Armstrong received distributions from the estates of both parents, but his amount was smaller from Thomas Armstrong's estate as John had received a loan from Thomas in 1848 to help with his move from Ohio to Indiana, and John owed the debt plus interest for a total of $61.71. As John had moved to Montgomery County, Indiana, he would have returned to Hocking County, Ohio in March 1856 after the death of Thomas and in mid-1866 after the death of Margaret.

This story will next pick up with Thomas and Margaret in Hocking County, Ohio.

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