Thursday, August 30, 2012

Words from my Gumpy on Politicians

The following is from Chapter 27 of my Gumpy's collection of short stories titled "That's Life...and then some". His collection of stories was self-published in 2000 in Indiana, and he is still kicking around, nearing the age of 92 years old. This chapter refers to an editorial, published in either the Indianapolis Star or Martinsville Reporter in 1999 or 2000. I have not found the published original. This is still timely with the 2012 election cycle underway.

Chapter 27 - Did You Vote?

This is an editorial that I wrote for the newspaper some time ago during a primary. I don't think it needs any update as the political scene seldom changes.

Recently, I voted in the primary, since I am almost 80 years old, I voted absentee. Always consider if I vote, then I have every right to complain. 

Politicians are a unique group of people who can plead, cajole, cheat, scheme; lie and weep to get into office. But they can't function when the stock market takes a plunge or Medicare or Social Security runs out of money. When crime, drugs, teen pregnancy, AIDS, pollution and cancer take over, it's much easier to take a trip to Africa and if we are unlucky enough to have a tornado, flood, hurricane or earth quake, then they take turns flying over the disaster area.

Then later while making out like they are working the soup kitchen they make a great promise of immediate relief. That is, of course, if Congress approves it at the next session. Yet, every politician in his campaign speech will boast how he has the solution to all these problems. Surprisingly the problem is never solved, but it gets him or her another elected term. If you try to unseat any one of these clowns they will laugh at you because they know your vote has as much value as a lottery ticket. They will send our jobs to Mexico, Asia or China while they tell crime is down, unemployment is up and things never looked so good. And we agree.

Well, I voted for him or her and I will be back next election to vote again if the Good Lord is willing. Because I would not miss the opportunity or my right to editorialize on the misgivings of our politicians. Or still better, I think I would run for something the next time now that I know how the system works.

Keith Jones, Sr.

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