Sunday, February 26, 2012

Writing Reminders for March

At the beginning of February I posted some writing reminders, and found it quite helpful. For such a short month, it's surprising to see that I am already up to 41 posts in February. I'm not sure if I'll keep that pace in March, as I'll be home 14 of 31 days. It does help that in many cases I am pulling from research that exists in Word format or my tree on Ancestry.

Here are some stories I am aiming to bring to the blog in March:
- My great-grandma Lois (Elizabeth Lois Whitley)
- Blanche Lamon O'Brien
- More on Thomas Jones (1778-1857), his wife, Nancy Tucker Jones in Jefferson County, TN
- Thornhills in Culpeper, Virginia
- March birthdays in my family (there are quite a few)
- The children of Joseph Thomas Jones & Mary Katherine Green
- The Whitley/Wheatley family of Culpeper, Virginia
- David Armstrong
- Easter Vail Armstrong
- California connections
- Friday Photos from locations I'll be in March (Florida, Costa Rica, California)
- Looking ahead to the 1940 US Census

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