Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Travel Tuesday - On the road

I'm writing this from 36,000 feet up, en route to the West Coast. The name of this blog is Frequent Traveler Ancestry, but this isn't named just because I am on often in the air, but my ancestors were frequent travelers as well. I have previously written about John O'Brien, who left Ireland at the age of 11 and ended up in Shelby County, Illinois. For all I know, he could have circumnavigated the globe several times between 1805-1831. So far, information on his travels during these years has not yet been found, but I am hopeful I'll find out some of his journeys in the future.

I have been very fortunate to see many countries and cultures, and I have a long list of places still to see. This includes many of the places of origin for my ancestors, and places where they traveled. My great-grandfather Plutarco Campuzano crossed the Sonoran Desert to come to Tucson, Arizona in the 1920s. He and the family crossed back and forth across the border to visit family back in Altar and Pitiquito, Sonora (certainly different times from now). I have been able to find many entries for them in the US-Mexico Border Crossing records, including my Granny who traveled with the family to Mexico when she was 3 years old in 1929.

This is a bit of a test post (I had a longer, more thoughtful post about travel and connections to family travel in the past but Blogger didn't save it when I hit Save last time). I am testing blogging on the iPad via the Safari browser. If this doesn't work, I'll try the alternate browser Puffin, which works well for video and pages that require flash, such as Adobe Connect for remote meetings.

I do this trip on a regular basis for meetings, and LA has become a second home. 200 years ago in Tennessee, my Jones ancestors might have hopped in a boat to go from their house on the French Broad to get to Dandridge. Or in Culpeper, jumped on a horse. A 100 years ago they may have taken the train, and certainly a horse and buggy would have been regular travel. And I have access to the world in my lap as I'm sitting here.

I'll include a bit of my own travels with those in my family's history, but I don't intend this to be a travel blog. It's just my history mixing with those who came before. On the descent soon.


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  2. Welcome to California, Patrick. Here's hoping the sun will come back out before you have to return home to real winter!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience blogging via iPad. I'm just starting that, too, but noticed that pre-scheduling posts before leaving on my trip, which were written originally in Word and transferred to Blogger beforehand can't be subsequently edited on iPad in Safari. I'm thinking, what's the point if I can't go back and tweak things, ya know?!


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