Monday, February 13, 2012

Migration of the Read Family to Kentucky

The Read family story in Kentucky begins with Alvin Read's great-grandfather, my 4th-great-grandfather, William Freeman Read.

According to the “Read Bible”, from Bible and Family Records of Barren County, KY and Surrounding Areas, Vol. 1, by Eva Coe Peden, pg. 145-146 (and available on the Internet at, last checked on 12 February 2012), “William F. Read, son of Samuel Read and Julaner his wife, was born February 3, 1799. Emily A. H. Read his wife was born August 2, 1802.”
William Read married Emily Ann Heslopp Ballard on 13 September 1820 in Culpeper County, Virginia. I will have quite a bit on Culpeper County and Virginia involving the Read, Ballard, and Whitley/Wheatley lines this month.
“Infant daughter born July 30th 1821
Samuel Benjamin Read was born August 4th 1822
Ann Julaner Read was born August 7th 1824; married W.H. Tomlin at Glasgow, Ky., April 7th 1848, without my consent of my knowledge ----W.F. Read

Rice C.B. Read was born May 26th 1827
Guilford Dudley Read was born August 7th 1829
John Elsy Carter Read was born September 18th 1831
Sarah Francs Read was born January 22nd 1834
Isaac Franklin Read was born March 31st 1836
James William Read was born November 20th 1838
George Washington Read was born September 15th 1841, being the 7th son of Emily A.H. and W.F. Read
Bland Ballard Read was born May 26th 1845, being the 8th son of Emily A.H. & W.F. Read”
Children of William & Emily Read:
1.     Infant Daughter Read – 30 July 1821, died 1821
2.     Samuel Benjamin Read – born 4 Aug 1822, 3 November 1869
3.     Ann Julaner Read – born 7 Aug 1824, died 22 July 1853
4.     Rice C B Read – born 26 May 1827, died Vicksburg, Mississippi, 18 October 1853
5.     Guilford Dudley Read [my 3rd-great-grandfather] – born 7 August 1828, died 16 March 1916 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky
6.     John Elsey Carter Read – born 18 September 1831, died 31 July 1853
7.     Sarah Francis Read – born 22 January 1834, died 1893
8.     Isaac Franklin Read – born 31 March 1836, died 28 May 1892
9.     James William Read – born 20 November 1838, died 2 February 1924
10.  George Washington Read – born 15 September 1841, died 1902
11.  Bland Ballard Read – born 26 May 1845, died 7 January 1898
According to the Read Bible, in 1847 William F. Read and family left Virginia for Kentucky. “W.F. Read left Old Virginia in Fauquier County, to remove to the state of Kentucky, Novembe 29th 1847; landed from the Ohio River, at Louisville, december 24th 1847. Arrived in Barren Co.Ky. on the 29th 1847.”

My best estimate on the possible migration route for William and family is below. My assumption is the family crossed the territory of present-day West Virginia and picked up the Ohio River at Huntington, West Virginia, and then followed the Ohio to Louisville.
In the 1850 US Census, William and family were listed in the First Division, Barren County, Kentucky.
 William died on 19 September 1865 in Glasgow, Barren County, Kentucky.


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