Friday, January 23, 2015

Indiana History at Risk

This note echoes others that have been posted from Judy Russell (see Speak Out for Indiana) and the Indiana Genealogical Society Blog urging people to write to Indiana State Representatives on the proposed elimination of genealogy resources at the Indiana State Library. I graduated from college and law school in Indiana. I had ancestors in Indiana before the territory became a state. Although I no longer live in the state, I regularly use and continue to seek historical documents on my ancestors in Indiana. These records, and the historical knowledge of Indiana, are at risk if the genealogy resources at the Indiana State Library are defunded.

I have been a member of the Indiana Genealogical Society for the past two years. Earlier this year I worked with a researcher based in Indianapolis to find historic records at the Indiana State Library. I fear that with the proposed budget, Indiana history will be lost.

If you have a connection to the State of Indiana, please write a State Representative and ask that they come up with an alternative in the budget proposal.

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