Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sepia Saturday - Alice Davis Allman and Maude

The photo below shows Alice Davis Allman with daughter Maude Allman, wife and daughter of Ephraim Allman. Ephraim was a younger brother of my 3rd-great-grandfather, William Allman.
From the 1900 US Census, it shows Alice Allman as born in April 1849, while Maude was born in July 1886. Maude looks about 2-4 years old in this picture, as a best guess I place the date for the photo between 1890 & 1892. This puts Alice about 41 to 43 years old in the photo.

The map below shows the distance between Barry County, Missouri (B on the map), home of several of the Allman siblings, and Vermilion County, Illinois (shown as A on the map). I've included Stone County, Missouri as C on the map (home of Eli Allman).
Ephraim Allman
Ephraim was born on 18 March 1848 in Carroll County, Ohio. This information comes from the Barnes and Flint research provided to the First Families of Ohio (see my post from 6 November 2012). He appears in the 1860 US Census in Wood County, Ohio, with his father James Allman, James' second wife Sarah, his brother Robert and step-brothers Rinaldo and Willie.

Ephraim married Alice Davis on 24 December 1870 in Barry County, Missouri. Ephraim died in 1901 and is buried in Rocky Comfort, Missouri.

I really have not done much research on Ephraim or Alice Davis Allman. It does look like Maude Allman married a Monroe Davidson and appears in the 1930 US Census. Perhaps some of her descendants may be interested in the photo here.

This is part of the collection I received from Robert in Illinois, he found this, with the other photos, in papers that had been saved by his father.

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