Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome to March

It's tough to get back in the habit of regular blogging when you take a break. February was a busy month. I have been writing, just not so much on the family history. I have a big document to be released soon, and will be on the road in Ethiopia.

March did bring some surprise news - the 1993 Wabash College Swim Team is being inducted with 8 other teams as part of the first slate of teams to be included in the Wabash College Athletics Hall of Fame. I was very lucky to swim with such an outstanding group, for a Hall of Fame coach. The induction will be over Homecoming Weekend in September. I have a whole set of news clippings and photos from 1992-1996 buried somewhere in a box, so this is a reminder to dig that out later this spring or summer.

If you're headed to Rootstech later in the month, you'll find me on a panel about open standards and FHISO during the Developer Day track. This is the rare opportunity to bridge my worlds of Internet security & governance with family history.

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