Monday, January 21, 2013

One Year of the Blog

Tomorrow my humble little family history blog will be one year old. I set out to use this as a way to share my research, spur some ideas and uncover a few brick walls along the way. I've been more than impressed by some of the discoveries over the past year, deepening my appreciation for the sacrifices made by my ancestors.

These discoveries have also spurred thinking in my primary field, underscoring the importance of the Internet as a platform for knowledge in preserving the world's culture and digital heritage (something I'll highlight in tomorrow's Tech Tuesday post).

One year ago, I had no idea that my 2nd-great-grandfather was involved in the foundation of an early group promoting Mexican immigrant rights (Liga Protectora Latina), or that his wife Maria Jesus' ancestry would link to a Chilean connection on one side and deep Mexican roots on the other. I had no idea of the struggles that my Jones family faced with multiple decades-long attempts for government pensions from their military service, or that a President took an interest in an issue involving a family member on the Thornhill side. I'm descended from some hard-working, fascinating people, and I look forward to uncovering more of their stories in the next year.

I want to thank a few people who've provided feedback, encouragement and ideas over the course of the first year:
- Andrea Kelleher
- Jacqi Stevens
- Jana Last
- Heather Kuhn Roelker

Special thanks to GeneaBloggers. I've learned quite a lot from reading the writings of others. I really enjoy this blog and the work that Thomas MacEntee has done to make it a prime spot for family history writing.


  1. Patrick, congratulations on your first year! You have a unique perspective on genealogy research and I've enjoyed following you on your research journeys.

    1. Thanks Jacqi, much appreciated. Your blog is a big inspiration!

  2. Patrick, it seems like I've been viewing your posts for longer than a year, you've fit so well into the genealogy community. Congratulations on completing a year of blogging. Bigger congratulations on all the research you've completed and everything you've found. I well remember your posts about your Civil War widowed ancestor. They brought tears thinking of the difficulties she faced. I wish you many more successful years of research and blogging.

    1. Thank you Nancy, that's very kind. I have intended to go back and finish the story on the others in Company G, but have not had time to do that. It's one of my goals for 2013.


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