Monday, September 10, 2012

Rech Family Story Continues

This post picks up the Rech Family Story by Marie Elizabeth Freyling. I previously posted Part 1 on 9 August, Part 2 on 12 August, and Part 3 on 21 August.

"In the fall of 1874, George left home for the Middlewest, where later he married Frances Bluhm (or Blume), and bought a farm near Cantril, Van Buren County, Iowa. There he spent the remainder of his life.

About a year later, Jacob left home to join George. Later he married Magdalena Bluhm (or Blume), and after her death, Rose Wahl. He spent the remainder of his life in the West. Three years later, in 1877, Elizabeth married J. Peter Maurer. They made their home in Evansville, Indiana.

In 1887, when work on the 18-acre farm became too great a task for Grandmother Rech and Uncle Will, she sold the farm to Fred and Anna Schlag [Anna M. Freyling Schlag - sister of John Andrew Freyling] and moved to a smaller (about 4 acres) farm in Stringtown, Zipp Post Office, Center Township, Vanderburgh County, Indiana. Aunt Sue and Carrie, when she could be spared, worked in Evansville as domestics. Four dollars a week for such work was considered excellent pay!

In 1890, Carrie married John Andrew Freyling, a farmer of Warrick County, Indiana. In 1892, Aunt Sue married David Null, a rancher of Wyoming. William had become an itinerant photographer. In 1893, he married Catherine Elizabeth Freyling [younger sister of John Andrew Freyling]. They made their home in Evansville.

With the last of her children married, Grandmother Rech sold her property in Stringtown to William Yokel, Sr., and rented half the house for her home, where she lived for the remainder of her life. That same year, while visiting with our mother and father, she became ill and died on May 12. She was buried on May 14 in the Zoar Evangelical Church cemetary, Warrick County, Indiana, where our father bought a four-grave lot. At the time of Grandfather Rech's death, the Salem Evangelical Church cemetary would not sell lots or graves in advance. At the time of Grandmother's death, the space on either side and about Grandfather's grave had been used, hence her burial in the Zoar Evangelical Church cemetary."

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