Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month, New Stories

Welcome to February. So far the blog has centered on the Jones, O'Brien, Lambert and Thornhill lines on my Dad's side of the family. As we're into the new month, I am going to begin to weave in stories from my Mom's side of the family, primarily on the Read, Ballard, Grinstead, Whitley/Wheatley lines of Kentucky and Virginia. This also means that I'll have to touch on the issue of slavery in the family, and that fits with the start of Black History Month. The month also gives me the chance to highlight the amazing story of my 10thgreat-grandmother, Elizabeth Key Grinstead, who won her freedom suit through the Virginia General Assembly in 1656.

I'm on the road next week, so that means I'm going to write some posts in advance and try out blogging via the iPad.

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